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Liquid Calcium Glubionate

Available Sizes:

  • 2ml Bottle- $3.00 ea.
  • 5ml Bottle- $5.00 ea.
  • 15ml Bottle- $8.00 ea.

                  (plus shipping)


          *Larger sizes available.*

Message us to place an order; include flavor, size, and quantity.


Organic Cherry

Organic Banana

Organic Raspberry

Organic Strawberry

Organic Blueberry

Organic Peach

Organic Mango

Organic Blue Raspberry 

What is Liquid Calcium for?

 It is great for maintenance calcium use and even better for animals with MBD and preventing MBD. Even better...reptiles LOVE the taste. You can mix it in with their food or directly hand feed it from the included syringe.

 Liquid Calcium Glubionate has a high absorption rate and is great for reptiles that are calcium deficient. 

Each pack comes with a dosing syringe as well as directions with how to use and how much to give.